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More than a [Brazilian Perverted YunJae Shipper]. YunJae is my everything. I love them with my heart, mind and soul. So if you're some kind of homophobic, prejudiced and not believe in love between two people of the same sex...FUCK OFF no more talk!!!


Yunjae GIF-NC 17 chibi fanart by Mika

Symbolism and Imagery In Jaejoong’s “Mine” MV


Alright, so Jaejoong’s music video came it and it’s full of imagery and symbolism that I can’t leave alone. This is me attempting to crack some of the images and symbols depicted in the video to the best of my ability, and it’s just my interpretation. These could be wrong and I’m probably missing some things.

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[.gif] YUNHO Vampire is so CUTE!!

my feels for you lately are uncontrolled! please have mercy!

// flails //

Baby likes twirling & flapping around. What’s new? xD

Vampire!Jae is hot as fuck… and then we have Yunho… oh my god why are you such a dork? Can my biases be more different? Opposites attract ;-)

Yes, i’m embracing the fact that I stan TWO men now… OTL

cuute!! xD

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